Strategic Marketing & communications

We can advise on all areas of brand communication ensuring your communications objectives and brand strategy works in tandem with your business strategy to drive maximum awareness and multi-channel sales, depending on the priorities for your brand and your business.

 Strategy and Execution

We are experts in developing strategic collaborative campaigns which will work across all your communications channels from digital and social to off line, POS and ecommerce.  It is our approach at MLPR to develop strategic campaigns from the outset each season working with all the communications components within the business which build, maintain and develop aspirational brands.

Strategic Council

Our senior management team have over 20 years strategic PR and marketing expertise and have launched some of the worlds global brands into the UK and within international territories.  We have an extensive knowledge of the fashion sector and have a wide network within the industry.  We are available to our clients 24/7 to provide strategic council and often work with the business owners, CEO, the board of Directors or the company investors.

Social, digital and channel management

At MLPR we believe in an integrated approach to off line communications.  We develop creative campaigns which are measureable and results driven and work in tandem with the off line media campaigns and marketing strategies to create engaging and innovative content.

PR, Marketing, Branding Review and analysis

We provide a ’management consultancy’ style of analysis to our clients where we can undertake a fully comprehensive detailed review of the brands messaging, positioning, tone of voice, POS, creative, social, digital, marketing and PR activity. Through our research and analysis we can identify brand challenges and develop recommendations in line with the business strategy to help drive sales growth and increase brand awareness.

International Relations

Launching into new territories is very exciting for brands but it is important to understand your target audience within that market and tweak your communications templates accordingly.  We can provide the templates for global roll-out and work with you on global strategies developing campaigns which can resonate across multiple territories.


Your best sellers will not necessarily be press worthy.  Packaging your brand and presenting it to the press is a key component to successful brand perception.  We can advise on all areas of creative from lookbook design and compilation to POS materials and brand packs for wholesale.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation deals with a major event that threatens to harm the company, the brand and its stakeholders.  Bad news can travel far and wide and most companies do not have a contingency plan in place.  Acting quickly is the key to mitigating the crisis and providing a seamless response no matter where and when.  At MLPR we provide can provide a crisis management plan which should be shared with the key stakeholders within the business and referred to in the unfortunate event of a crisis.  Our plans also offer recommendations on mitigating a potential crisis situation which can be extremely valuable to protecting the brand, the business and its stakeholders.